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Member Benefits

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As a member of DCHA, you can expect:

  • Information, that is unbiased, for those with a vested interest in the calf and heifer segment of our industry.
  • Networking opportunities to learn from other calf and heifer raisers and industry professionals.
  • Performance and sustainability of calf and heifer raising from timely and accurate information and technology.
  • Involvement in and access to the DCHA Gold Standards for calf and heifer raising programs.
  • Leadership and management skill building opportunities.
  • Connections that count when it comes to research, product development, services and expertise you need or can offer others.
  • Commitment to enhancing the expertise, collaboration and success of all managers, employees and producers.

Other Benefits Include:

  • Heifer Notes: A 2-page quarterly publication delivered to all members through a partnership with Hoard's Dairyman.
  • Savings on your Dairy Calf and Heifer Conference registration.
  • Workers' compensation program available exclusively to DCHA members from First Pioneer Insurance Agency. Help your business thrive with yearly dividend opportunities, free loss control services and superior claims handling. Learn more about the program.
  • FutureCow strives to ensure your calves' and cows' environment is comfortable, stimulating and productive. DCHA members will receive an exclusive $150 discount on the purchase of the ComfortBrushTM and/or ComfortBrushTM for Calves. Contact Angelina at FutureCow at 1-352-250-8155, (Press 2 for sales) or for complete details.

What DCHA members are saying

"After being a member and serving on the DCHA board for the last 10 years, I can truly say having been part of this organization has been the best investment in time and money I have ever spent for my business. I have met lifelong friends who, even though we might bid against each other for a dairy's heifer business, are all better at our jobs because of DCHA."

Vance Kells
Circle Bar Heifer Ranch | Satanta, KS

"We were still learning the calf business even though I had an animal agricultural background and bovine experience as a veterinarian. When you get into specialized work, like raising calves and heifers, it's good to rub shoulders and share information with people who are doing the same thing. DCHA allows me to do that."

John Hartsough
Creekside Farms, Inc. | Manchester, IN

"I am a DCHA member because I am a dairy producer and custom grower. The organization is a tool to my operation, education and networking. The networking is probably the best!"

Katharine Edler
Godfrey Farms LLC & CamCalKarDairy | Browntown, Wis.

"DCHA provides an atmosphere to meet, network, exchange ideas, learn from each other and realize that no two operations are the same so there's always something you can learn from someone else or that they can learn from you."

Diana Lujano-Gonzales
Cameiro Heifer Ranch | Brawley, Calif.