NEW for 2017! Sponsored Pre-Conference Seminars 
10:00 – 11:30 am | Tuesday, April 11
Free to all registered attendees

What’s New in Genomics to Improve Your Profit Potential
A producer panel and Cheryl Marti, MS, MBA, Associate Director Genetics & Reproduction Marketing, Zoetis

You’ve heard about genomics, but what are some new learnings and tools to help you be more profitable? For instance, how can new wellness traits help improve dairy wellness and reduce residue risk? How might genomics and the environment play out in higher stress situations? Are you waiting for a certain size to determine breeding versus age? Come listen, learn and ask questions to fellow producers and Cheryl Marti, MS, MBA, associate director, Genetics & Reproduction Marketing for Zoetis, about using CLARIFIDE®. Hear about what we’ve learned, the profit potential of using genomics and what we’re seeing on operations coast to coast. 
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Past, Present and Future of Sexed Semen in the Dairy Industry 
Jack Hippen, STgenetics

Dairy industry veteran Jack Hippen is STgenetics North American and EU Sales Director. He leads the company’s sales and marketing teams and oversees distribution of the semen needed to prove high genomic bulls to the dairy industry.
Jack’s presentation will focus on how sexed semen fertility has increased over the years and why. He will also touch on the benefits of using sexed semen and why dairies should use sexed female semen in their reproductive plan and how it can increase their profits and the genetic improvement of their herd.

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